autumn pear Juice


  • 3.90 €
  • 33 cl 11.21 € per liter

It is the variety that is harvested in late Autumn (after optimal maturity of the Golden).

It has almost disappeared from the land  because it is too vulnerable to fire blight and thus has been forbidden to be replanted.

It is easily recognizable on stalls because, by tradition, its peduncle ends with a hint of red wax. It is, like the Williams for summer varieties, the most aromatic autumn pear.

autumn pear juice ( 99.9% ), antioxidant: ascorbic acid

Plaine des Chères

other fruits and vegetables

fluid, pulpy


tart, greedy


The origins are given as an indication.
They can be modified according to the qualitative buying opportunities.

jus poire automne
autumn pear juice
jus poire automne
autumn pear juice