carrot Juice

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  • 33 cl 11.21 € per liter

This root is often presented as the only yellow orange colour but there are also  purple, black or even red carrots.

Carrots are produced all year round in very temperate areas such as southern Rhône valley.

For an optimal quality, it needs fine sands devoid of clay and organic material. The white sands from Landes are one of the best soils.

carrot juice ( 99.5% ), concentrated lemon juice ( 0.5% )

White sands of the Landes, in France




freshness, vegetal

The origins are given as an indication.
They can be modified according to the qualitative buying opportunities.

jus carotte
carrot juice
jus carotte : légume, boisson à la carotte
carrot juice: vegetable drink with carrot