apricot Nectar

  • 2.90 €
  • 33 cl 8.33 € per liter

The apricot is very old and is originally from Armenia.

We choose the BERGERON variety for its more acidic flavours  than the Rouge du Roussillon.

It is produced between Lyon and Montélimar.

water, sugar, abricot Bergeron pulp ( 46% ), acidifier: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid

Condrieu region, in France

other fruits and vegetables

fluid, pulpy



The origins are given as an indication.
They can be modified according to the qualitative buying opportunities.

nectar abricot
apricot nectar
Nectar d'abricots : fruit, boisson à l'abricot
Nectar of fruit, drink with apricot