The man behind the exquisite juices

A visionary man, thoughtful and demanding

Alain set up on the family farm in Orliénas and started planting new cherry, peach, pear and apple plots in 1983.
In 1997 he created six juice flavours and offered them to sixty ‘Relais et Châteaux’ sommeliers to taste; impressed, they praised his creations and encouraged him to develop his business.
He professes a disruptive approach at his core: instead of regarding juices as a way to consume fruits, he sees them as a completely separate experience of pleasure, developed to be greater than the mere fruits that compose them. Like any greater composer, he designs them to offer aficionados a tasting full of emotion. He imagines exquisite juices with sublime colour, texture and aromatic profile.
Alain has always been entranced by pure and smart design; thus he devised an elegant glass bottle. The generous 33 cl format soon became iconic and started to grace the best tables in France and abroad. He then proposed some flavours for sharing, in a genial 1L bottle, but also in a smaller 20 cl bottle, for quick savouring, typically as an on-the-go chic snack.
Over the past 20 years, the collection expanded and is still developing thanks to Alain's discoveries and fruitful imagination.


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« Enjoy a moment to savour my creations. »

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