A unique know-how

Outstanding fruit varieties, thoroughly transformed at accurate ripening

Alain realized that the characteristics of a variety, the production area, the rain, the tree cut, the level of a ripening and the balance between sugar and acidity would highly influence the aromatic profile of the final juice. This starting point has transformed into his philosophy, which has led him to faithfully engineer every single characteristic of the fruit: aroma, texture and flavour.
The key is to transform fresh fruits just after harvest. However, when it comes to some red fruits, it is difficult to gather identical quality batches; this kind of fruit is so fragile that in case they do not ripen properly they will jeopardize the quality of nectars. To avoid such issues, fruit growers freeze the whole matured fruit, which are then prepared all over the year.
As far as exotic fruits are concerned, the full ripe pulp extraction is carried out in the area where fruits are cultivated. They then transport the fruits unpasteurized but frozen, to keep both the quality and freshness of the aromas. This way of working is the most environment-friendly and also contributes to the development of local businesses.

Juices and nectars

As a regulatory decision, neither water nor sugar can be added to any fruit
juices. A fruit juice must absolutely be a natural product. Only Cox’s apple and Autumn pear juices can be enhanced with Vitamin C
to avoid oxidation.

Nectars involve slightly juicy and pulpy fruits and the ones for which juices do not represent the main characteristic of the fruit. Therefore the pulp, skin, seeds and pits are extracted while vegetable waste is thrown away.
The pulp is then extended with water. The right balance between
sugar and fruit acidity is thus rebuilt in the watery part so that the natural original balance of the fruit is not distorted but totally enhanced.

A production unit surrounded with fruits

Every single of our daily production is directly bottled. This allows us to carry out only one light pasteurization. We therefore avoid tank-storing as well as a second pasteurization, which would consequently alter the quality of juices.
We logically decided to set up our business in Valence (Drôme) in 2013 for three different and obvious reasons:
- To be closer to most of the fruit growers.
- To enjoy the 3,000 sq meters of production and warehousing area where we have set up our business.
- To get all the techonological means related to our quality goals.

« Nurture my curiosity and respect for fruit varieties; faithfully and accurately engineer every single characteristic of the fruit. »